Transformation of Insurance Claims

Processing and Document Management

Large ANZ Based Insurance Provider


The Challenge

Automate the processing of insurance claims documents to support large scale claims transformation program

The Solution

Implement an enterprise grade solution which included a document repository, inbound document recognition and processing, and outbound document generation.

Integrate this solution with the new claims management system.

The Result

A fully integrated document management system was implemented alongside the claims management system.

  • All inbound communications were identified via OCR and automatically classified
  • The generation of all outbound communications were fully automated

The ability to manage insurance claims without any paperwork reduced the operating costs which included labour, mail handling, and postage.

Additional brands and insurance products were easily on-boarded onto the system, providing further cost benefits.

Our Contribution

Our team of consultants worked across multiple elements of this program. The key services that our team provided were:

  • Analysis of claims documentation and building of data dictionary
  • Implement the data dictionary to enable OCR and pattern recognition
  • Produce data mapping and schema for integration between claims and document management systems
  • Coordinate the system integration with multiple development teams
  • Project management of business as usual changes and post go-live initiatives
  • Subject matter expertise of document management system, post go-live