Rollout of In-Vehicle Telematics

Large National Transport Fleet


The Challenge

As part of a business transformation program, all heavy vehicles in the company fleet were to be fitted with a standardised telematics solution, which could deliver on a set of ambitious strategic goals and operational improvements.

The Solution

Once a suitable product suite was sourced from the market, rollout the installation of equipment in all heavy vehicles nationally.

Automate the exchange of supporting information, such as safety, maintenance and consignment data between core transactional systems, to streamline operations.

Provide training for all drivers, supervisors and management teams.

Develop supporting processes to enable consistent use, monitoring and reporting.

The Result

The full rollout was completed within 12 months, whilst managing the disruption to operations across the country as heavy vehicles were fitted and operators were trained. The first 80% was completed within 6 months.

A standard platform from which all aspects of the national fleet operation could be managed was successfully implemented.

Driver and community safety improved significantly due to education programs and process changes that were implemented to complement this project.

A new, centralised, operations centre was implemented to oversee the national fleet operations, which was not possible prior to this project.

The project and it’s outcomes became the go to case study for a state regulatory body due to its success and the positive impact it had on all stakeholders.

Our Contribution

Roshan managed the complete rollout program across the country, which included multiple stakeholders, operating locations and environments, as well as multiple projects that fed into the overall program.

In addition to managing the program, our team also provided the following services for the project:

  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Vendor Management
  • Detailed Supply Chain & Process Mapping
  • Business Requirements Capture
  • Business Process Improvements
  • Testing
  • User Training
  • Post Implementation Support