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Is your organisation faced with these challenges?

I need to see how much of our production capacity we are utilising on a daily basis. How could I get this information from our production system?

What would our profit look like should we increase our sales in this new product line by 20%?

How many new shift-workers would we require if our sales grow by 10% next year?

We would like to monitor our business’s performance against a set of KPIs. How can we achieve this using our existing data?

Do you realise that your organisation is sitting on a gold mine? In the never ending quest to find more data from external sources, we often neglect the most valuable asset after our people that we have; internal data.

By simply analysing the data you already have, you can gather a lot of intelligence about your business such as, how it operates, which business units need help, which customers and suppliers are key to your business and which ones need to be worked on, staff work patterns, spending patterns, and lots more.

You could implement KPIs against this data and monitor the performance of your organisation from a range of perspectives. Business reporting and dashboards are additional ways in which this rich information can be shared with your key personnel, and help them stay on top.

Adaptive Consulting have helped organisations achieve some amazing outcomes and could do the same for you.

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  • Analytics
  • Business Intelligence
  • Dashboards

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