Data Quality Self Assessment

Determining whether your organisation could potentially have data quality issues…

Data Quality Self Assessment Questions

Below is a list of 21 questions you should consider in order to determine if you have data quality issues.

  1. Do you have a high proportion of transactions that require manual correction or intervention?
  2. Do you have to put up with incorrect data for extended periods of time?
  3. Is your data outdated by the time users receive it?
  4. Can you verify at all times that your data is a true reflection of the transaction that took place?
  5. Are your users having to put up with frequent system downtime so you could fix poor quality data?
  6. Are your users losing confidence in the system(s) they use due to poor data quality?
  7. Is poor quality data affecting the ability of your users from performing their work effectively?
  8. Is your team routinely dealing with data quality issues, rather than delivering value to your organisation?
  9. Are you missing out on business opportunities due to poor quality data?
  10. Is poor data quality a roadblock to innovation within your organisation?
  11. Are users skipping processes and procedures due to data quality issues?
  12. Are users bypassing your systems and introducing their own because they can’t trust the data?
  13. Is your organisation breaching regulatory deadlines due to poor data quality?
  14. Is the reputation of your team or department suffering due to poor data quality?
  15. Is your organisation losing out on revenue due to incomplete data?
  16. Is poor quality data affecting your relationships with your customers and suppliers?
  17. Is poor quality data affecting your ability to do business with certain organisations?
  18. Is the reputation of your organisation suffering due to poor quality data?
  19. Can your quality of service to your customers be improved if you have better quality data?
  20. Do you monitor your data for quality issues?
  21. Are there auditable records for all changes made to your data?

What do all these questions mean?

If you answered “Yes” to more than one question, then you have identified some form of data quality issues inside your organisation. The longer these issues remain, it will be costing your organisation in more ways than you can imagine.

data quality self assessment

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