Adaptive Data Quality Framework – Review Stage

Assess – Analyse – Summarise


The Review stage of the Data Quality Framework is made up of 3 steps which are:


Determine the state of play within the organisation, the expectations of the business and/or it’s users, the perceptions within the organisation, and any quantifiable information such as hours lost, business lost, and so on which can be directly attributed to Data Quality issues.


Interrogate the data to determine the type of data issues that exist, the frequency of occurrence for these issues, the volume of problem data, the rate of growth or decline of these issues and other metrics.

Also determine how, if it happens, the data quality issues are being managed at present.


Determine where the organisation or individual application sits within the overall Data Quality Rating. Summarise the findings, highlighting the cost associated with living with these issues (and hopefully fixing them), the cost of lost opportunities due to data quality issues, the risks associated with these issues.

Propose ways to move forward with resolving the data quality issues as well as what can be put in place to ensure these are prevented from recurring.

Data Quality Self Assessment

self assessment

Have you ever wondered if your organisation has data quality issues or how bad these issues might be?

We have developed a data quality self-assessment that you could take and help answer these questions.

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