Adaptive Data Quality Framework – ResolveĀ Stage

Plan – Execute – Verify


The ResolveĀ stage of the Data Quality Framework is made up of 3 steps which are:


Develop a plan around how the data quality issues will be resolved and verified. Like any project plan, consider the expertise required to perform the changes, the timeframes required to complete the tasks, any constraints (e.g. can only be done on weekends when no users are on the system), who will verify the outcomes, and so on.


Fix the data issues. This should be performed under careful supervision, and always ensure you have a backup!

This is also the stage in which any application issues could be corrected (where possible).


Confirm that the fix or correction to data is correct and has the desired outcomes. This could be accomplished via reports or other means such as SQL queries.

Data Quality Self Assessment

self assessment

Have you ever wondered if your organisation has data quality issues or how bad these issues might be?

We have developed a data quality self-assessment that you could take and help answer these questions.

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