Adaptive Data Quality Framework – Prevent Stage

Monitor – Govern – Refine


The Prevent stage of the Data Quality Framework is made up of 3 steps which are:


Put in processes in place to monitor the data quality. It’s one thing to fix the data issues, but the last thing you want is to be caught off guard by recurring problems. Good monitoring will help alleviate these concerns and also ensure any data quality issues can be identified and resolved before they become problems for the business.


Put in processes to ensure good Data Governance. This involves identifying the types of data, how this data should be managed, who should be responsible to ensure the quality of the data, and associated processes.



Periodically review the monitoring and governance processes to determine if they are working as they should, or if any changes need to be made to improve these processes. Collecting information and metrics about the data, the monitoring and the governance processes will aid this step.

Data Quality Self Assessment

self assessment

Have you ever wondered if your organisation has data quality issues or how bad these issues might be?

We have developed a data quality self-assessment that you could take and help answer these questions.

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