Adaptive Data Quality Framework (ADQF)

A framework for ensuring healthy, clean and high quality data within organisations

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Adaptive Data Quality Framework (ADQF)

The Adaptive Data Quality Framework is an easy to follow, 3 stage process that helps organisations determine the current state of their data quality, implement measures to resolve any data quality issues and finally helps put some processes to monitor data quality and to govern the use and management of data.


In this stage we assess the current issues, analyse the data and summarise findings and rate the data quality.

More on the Review stage can be found here.


In this stage we plan how to address the data quality issues, execute this plan to resolve the issues and then verify to ensure that the data quality issues are resolved.

More on the Resolve stage can be found here.


In this stage we put in processes to monitor data quality, to govern the management of data and refine processes as required.

More on the Prevent stage can be found here.