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Recovering Corrupted ERP System Data


Bottling plantOne of the largest Beverage Companies in the world implemented an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System in one of their bottling plants in China. During the first year of operation, they were constantly challenged by Data Corruption issues and as a result, in Data Reliability issues, which compromised their ability to trust the information that they received.

Roshan, who was familiar with the particular ERP System, methodically worked through identifying the issues, involving the vendor to fix some of the issues with the system, and set about recovering the Inventory and Finance data to it’s correct state. The reconciliation process was tedious given the volume of drinks bottled every single day, as well as the duration for which this problem existed.

The outcome was widely appreciated from the client to the vendor, as well as gave the client a renewed sense of comfort with the investment decision that they made in choosing this particular ERP System.

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