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Demonstrated ability to analyse and determine ways to improve performance in complex, high volume transactional systems


Is my organisation or operational area being impacted by poor system performance?

Are my customers impacted as a result of poorly performing systems?

Is my technology adequate for the task at hand, and for anticipated future demand?

Improving Performance of High Volume Transactional System


Stopwatch on white backgroundOne of the world’s largest Pneumatic Product manufacturer was using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System to manage their entire regional operation. Their warehousing area in particular were being challenged due to the length of time taken by picking and packing transactions to be processed in the system. During peak times, these transactions were banked up, affecting their warehousing operation and the delivery schedules.

Roshan analysed the transactions being generated, the process flows and database interactions before determining a better and more efficient way for this process to be achieved. The resulting optimisation changes to the database improved the performance to the extent that there were no pending transactions remaining to be processed during peak loads on the system.

Performance Improvement

The outcome was that the system was finally able to keep up with the customer orders, and delivery schedules were being met. With no bottlenecks, this placed the company in a better position to meet new customer demands. The software vendor incorporated this solution into their mainstream product.

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