Roshan Joseph

Data has a story to tell. Most organisations just need to know how to listen to that story.

Roshan is the Founder and Principal of Adaptive Consulting, and has a strong Project Management and Consulting background, particularly in the domain of Data and in the Supply Chain industry.

Finding creative ways to leverage data and to solve business challenges are what drives him. He is passionate about organisations having good, clean data to work with and empowering these organisations so they can run their businesses better.

Roshan has successfully worked with a range of companies in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, stevedoring, warehousing, finance, insurance, and travel. His consulting experience spans several countries across the Asia Pacific Region, most notably Australia, Hong Kong and China.

Areas of Expertise

  • Project Management
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Business Analysis
  • Information (Data) Management
  • Information (Data) Governance
  • Data¬†Quality Assurance
  • Analytics, Reporting & Dashboards

Roshan’s commitment, dedication and overall can do attitude to not only projects & activities but to the teams in general is exceptional and a testament to his technical and interpersonal skill sets. Roshan is not afraid to have a difficult conversation but always does so in an open, honest and pragmatic manner that is focused on delivering the best outcome for the business. He is an asset to any business he works with.


Project Manager

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