5 reasons your organisation should have clean data

Facts about dataMany organisations constantly live with data issues, justifying it on the basis of “this is how things have always been” or “it’s too hard to fix the problem”. On the other hand, by doing a few simple things to resolve these issues, they can benefit much more.

Below are five reasons why every organisation should strive to have clean data in their systems:

1. Enhanced Decision Making

All your decisions will be based on accurate information, and not guesswork. And your decision making will be quicker, as you are not waiting for the data to be “fixed” before you receive it.

2. Improved Cooperation with your partners

You can confidently share information with your clients and suppliers, knowing it is correct. This is turn will improve the trust and cooperation between your organisation and it’s partners.

3. Saves Time & Money

You’ll spend less time fixing up issues in your reporting, budgeting, planning, schedules, etc., and in turn save money. Staff can be doing the higher value activities rather than fixing up data problems.

4. Improved staff morale

Your staff will feel less stressed and not be frustrated by having to deal with incorrect information, or having to fix up mistakes caused by poor quality data.

and finally, avoid the stick…

5. Keeps you out of trouble

As you aren’t misrepresenting facts and figures to your board, investors and regulatory authorities, you won’t get yourself or your organisation into a pickle.


This article was first posted on my personal blog on 17th June 2014.